Hierarchy Field Controls

We have released a new  control setting in the Account Configuration screen for each of the 3 types of  fields that can accommodate hierarchy structures – Contract Type, Organisation  Unit and Category, the settings are to either allow or prevent Users from selecting parental values in the field, we already had this control for the  Contract Type field, but we now also have separate controls for the  Organisation Unit and Category fields.  


The screen shot  below is an example Organisational Unit value structure.  If the new setting is  set to ‘No’ it means your Users cannot just select a value of ‘North West'  (Parent value) you force the User to drill into the sub categories and choose one of them, for example ‘#3434 Liverpool’ (Child value).  


When selected the value in the field will be displayed showing the hierarchy path - North West | Liverpool | #3434 Liverpool

By default everyone's setting for the 2 new field controls have been set to 'No' preventing parent values to be selected.  This is because if you have created a hierarchy structure then you would want your Users to select the correct child record to make your data more accurate.  If you have only one level of values then this setting will not need to be changed.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in  touch on 0333 3443905 or support@intelligentcontract.com

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