Workflow Enhancement

Introducing a New Workflow Setting

Intelligentcontract workflow has been enhanced to optionally allow in progress workflow contracts to be edited. A new setting has been introduced into the approval configuration section (part of the configuration menu).

The option introduced is “allow in-progress entities to be edited” (see below) which can be set to either “Yes” or “No”.

By Default, this setting will be set to “No” so any existing workflows are unaffected – an in progress contract approval cannot be edited.

If you set the option to “Yes”, any in-progress contract can be edited by the person who is currently assigned to review/approve the contract. As before, any users not part of the workflow will be locked out and unable to make changed. For parallel workflows this will result in all people part of the workflow being able to edit the contract at once.

Why is this useful?

When you are seeking to gain “contract approval” from a workflow, then the contract record should be “not editable” so that each approver in the chain is approving the same contract details. 

When you wish to initiate a “contract review” in a workflow, then the contract record edits should be allowed to capture the comments from the reviewers at each stage of the workflow. In this case, the new setting can be set to “yes” and allow the edits.

If you have any questions about this or any other product related question, please contact support in the usual ways

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