Introducing Account Billing for Intelligentcontract.

Today (June 19th, 2019) we are releasing improvements to the way account billing works for your Intelligentcontract account. Previously if you wanted to add new users, review invoices or update your billing address you would need to contact support. These tasks (and others) can now be actioned directly by you via your Intelligentcontract account.

Here’s a summary of the billing tasks you can now perform online.

Amend your Subscription: You can increase (or decrease) the number of users or add-ons (e.g. extra contracts or read-only users) directly. Once your change is confirmed an invoice is emailed and your account is updated by the billing system.

Download Previous Invoice Copies: All previously issued invoices are available at any time to download as a PDF.

Review your Current Subscription and Usage: see your current plan name, the number of users and contracts that you have purchased alongside the number that are currently utilized.

Update your Payment Method: If your account is paid by credit card you are able to update the card we hold on file

Update your Billing Address: You can change the billing address shown on invoices. You can also change the email address to which invoices are sent.

We’ve written a new series of articles to help you use this new service. Click here to review the articles: :

Please note:

1. only the nominated key user can access the billing menu described here. If you need to be made the key user so that you can access the billing menu please contact support.

2. A small number of intelligentcontract accounts will not be able to use the new account billing features described here. These are accounts that have complex billing requirements. If your account is one of this number, you will be advised when you click the billing menu icon. Please continue to contact support to make changes to your account billing.

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