Introducing the Term field

As of today, your intelligentcontract account will be upgraded with a new feature: "Term field". This field brings together a contract start date and end date, in addition to a number of custom fields you may already be utilizing such as notice period and renewal date. 

Most contracts involve a “term”. The term is the length of time a contract is valid. When a term has been set for a contract, the information is shown in the term field. The dates shown can be used in reports or placed on the contract summary screen. You can also use the dates to create alerts. For example. Send an alert to the contract manager on the cancelation date.

There are 4 types of contract term that the term field supports. When you create a contract, you can choose a specific term type:

Fixed Term: the term has a specific start and end date

Recurring Term : the term has a start date and a renewal period

Rolling Term: the term has only a start date. The end is open ended

No Term: used where no term is required

Your existing start and end dates have been brought together into the term field. All new contracts will have term field available.

For more information please refer to the following article: 

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