Notification History

We have introduced a new Email Notification History feature to intelligentcontract. This feature is available on our current Enterprise and Professional Plans

This feature enables the Review of email notifications that has been sent from your intelligentcontract account. 

The new feature can be access from the "Notification Hisotry" link found in the "User & Permissions" section and is available to all Administrators of the account.

You can search and find any system or account related notification that has been sent along with the date and time and recipient details.  You are also able to view a Preview of the notification content that was sent.

Please Note that the notification content is only available for notification sent from today going-forward. Notifications before July 6th, 2020 will still be listed but notification content is available

For full details on how this new feature works, please take a look at our article - Notification History

If you have any questions at all please contact us at and we will be happy to help!

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