Manage Notification Templates

Available on the Enterprise Plan

Today a new feature, Notification Templates, has been introduced which will allow you to amend the format of any notification (issued as an email) that is sent from your intelligentcontract account.

You can change the default notifications that are in your account for alerts, tasks, workflows plus many more.

The intelligentcontract default notification may not be how you want your notification to appear or maybe you need additional information or remove detail that’s not relevant The new Manage Templates feature allows you to amend the existing default email notifications and create new ones for specific record types.

All the fields associated with your account plus the contract, party, task, alert or people (where relevant) are available for you to use in your custom templates.

You can also control whether logos, footers and the unsubscribe links are shown on your notifications.

For details on how to use this new feature please read the following article: or contact support in the usual way


Support Team

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