User Permissions

We’ve improved how user permissions work in Intelligentcontract. You are now able to provide access to your account in a more granular way.

New admin users should have the “Admin” selection checked on the user Permission field

A regular user can now be specified with no flags (which makes the user a Read-only user) or with one or more of the 4 flags.

  • Can Create. This will allow a user to add new records to your account
  • Can Edit. This allows a user to update existing records in your account
  • Can Delete and Can Archive contract whether a user can delete or archive existing records

What is the Impact on my existing users?

Any existing user permissions will be updated to the new way of doing permissions. Admin users will remain admins. A full user will be flagged as a regular user with ALL the flags checked. A read-only user will be flagged as regular user with NONE of the flags checked. You can alter the flags for existing users if you need to.

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