Valueset Import

It is now possible to import values into any of the intelligentcontract Value sets rather than have to type the values individually. A value set contains the values when a user of the system is choosing from a drop-down list of values. This is a time saving feature when there are a large number of values to add.

Using Value Set Import

As an administrator you are able to access "Define Value Sets". This option allows you to change the values in value sets -including into custom value sets. 

Locate the value set into which you would like to import values. Right click the name of the value set and you will be presented with an "import values" option.

Choose this option and you will be presented with the import form. Type (or paste) the values you wish to import into the value set in the text box. Each new value should be on a new line.

Click the import button and the values will be imported. Duplicates will be automatically removed.

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