Document Collaborations Released

The Document Collaboration feature has been released today. This feature is available for all Enterprise 2021 plans and as a chargeable addon for older plans.

Feature highlights include:

  • Document Collaboration allows one or more documents to be co-edited by one or more collaborators. 
  • Collaborators can be any individual who has an email address and can be either internal or external to the business
  • External Collaborators are not required to login to intelligentcontract in order to collaborate on documents although an optional password can be set to secure the document
  • Documents that are part of the collaboration can be of any type.  Microsoft Formats can be edited online using the online editors provided within intelligentcontract
  • Notes are automatically created and shared when changes are made to documents in the collaboration
  • Collaborators can co-edit Microsoft office documents online - changes made by one user are updated and reflected in other users' sessions in real time

The following support article ( provides more information and guidance on how Document Collaboration works.

If you wish to make use of Document Collaboration in your account, please contact support


Support Team

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