Clause Library feature now available

Do you have need to control the way that clauses in contract terms are generated or accepted in contracts within your organization?

The clause library feature allows you to:

Build a Central Library of Approved Clause Text. Create individual clause text snippets for your organization approved library of clauses. Each clause can have alternatives to suit the circumstance. Use text formatting as required. Placeholders can be added (for example, Party A Name)

Build Re-usable Contract Templates. Collate appropriate clauses into an approved contract template which can be accessed by users to create new terms documents. Clauses can be added in any order and, if required, customized for the purposes of the specific template.

Generate new Documents based on Contract Template. In each place a new document can added in the system, a document can be generated based on a contract template. Correct numbering of the clauses will also be generated.

For more detailed information about this new features please visit:

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