Introducing the Import Workbench

We have improved the way that you are able to import data into your intelligentcontract account. From April 27th, 2023 all active accounts will be able to use the new method of data import. The key improvements are:

- The data for import can be created and manipulated on a spreadsheet like interface. Use copy of paste functions, copy data down and use pick lists to build and amend the data that you want to import.

- Import multiple types of data all at the same time. For example, an import that creates contracts, people and parties all at once.

- Online validation means you are able to correct errors as you go rather than waiting until a formal validation step is completed

- Import data can be saved and worked on over multi-sessions

- The online area allows for collaboration between implementation consultants and the multiple customer contacts. This approach avoids working on multiple spreadsheets over email

- The approach allows a more convenient interface for mass-updating existing data as well as brand new data

The feature is described in full in our support section. The lead article can be found here:

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