Create Custom Fields with Multiple Dates and Date Ranges

Intelligentcontract has now introduced the ability to create customised date field with specific features.  In addition to selecting a single date value, we have now introduced the ability to select multiple date values and also date ranges.


Field Parameters
Single Date
Single Date (Multi Value)
Date Range
18-Oct-2018 -> 20-Nov-2018
Date Range (Multi Value)
18-Oct-2018 -> 20-Nov-2018
23-Nov-2018 -> 30-Nov-2018
05-Dec-2018 -> 15-Dec-2018


If you have created a Custom field that allows Date Ranges to be selected, click in the field to display the From and To calendars.   Select your start date, then your end date, and press the [Add]  button at the bottom of the calendar.


If you have enabled the field to allow for multiple date ranges, click in the field again and the From and To calendars will appear again, make your selection and press [Add], your additional range of dates will  appear underneath the original value, continue until all range values have been specified and then Save.


To remove any values, just edit the field and click on the x  in the blue section of the value you wish to remove.


To read more on how to create these new customised date  fields, please read our Creating  a Custom Field article.

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