New 'Favourite' feature

We have released a new feature within intelligentcontract called 'Favourites'

This new functionality allows you to mark up records which are your 'favourite' to easily identify them.  The favourites you mark are unique to each User so if you mark one as your favourite then it will not be marked as such for another User.

Any record within intelligenctcontract can be marked as a favourite, such as Contracts, People, Documents, Notes, Reports etc both within the Summary screen and also the Sub Tab Summary screens.  To mark a record as a favourite, click on the [...] More Action button to the left of the record, once opened there will be an option to 'Mark as favourite', click this option and the record will be marked up accordingly with a 'Yes' identifier.

Fig 1 - Favourite option in a Summary screen

Fig 2 - Favourite option in a Sub Tab Summary screen

Once a record is marked up, you can pull the Favourite identifier into your existing Summary screen by updating your current view to include it - please refer to this article Editing a View for more details, you can then use the filter of 'Yes' and 'No' to filter your favourites if required.

Fig 3 - Pulling the 'Favourite' identifier into an existing Summary screen

Or you can use the new View option of 'Favourites' that is now available within each View drop down list.  When selected, this will show only records that have been identified as 'Favourite= Yes'

Fig 4 - New 'Favourite' view

If you no longer wish to mark up a record as one of your favourites, you can easily do this by clicking the [...] More Action button to the left of the record again and there will be an option to 'Unmark as Favourite' choose this option and the identifier will be set to 'No' 

Fig 5 - Unmark a 'Favourite'

We hope that you like this new feature to intelligentcontract, if you have any questions about this new feature please contact us at and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the solution then we are always happy to hear your ideas!

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