New Excessive file size warning

When you create a new Alert or Note record you have the ability to attach numerous documents.  These records can also send an email notifications out to specific people.

An issue was reported to say that some of the email notification did not have any attachments within them, this was caused because the files attached were to large.

Now when you try to add an attachment(s) that total more than 6mb then you will get a warning message underneath it saying that it is too big for emails. They will be added to the record as normal but they will not be included in any notification emails that are sent out.

This includes Alerts and Notes, the email will go but the attachments will not be there, the user can log into the system to review the attachments if they wish.

As soon as you add the attachment the warning will be displayed, so you can choose to carry on with creating the record with the large file size or you can remove the file from the record instead. Each time the record is opened to can see the warning and if you add more attachments to an existing records then the system will recalculate the total file size of all the attachments and display the warning if applicable.

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