Task Reporting Enhancements

The data that is recorded for each task has been increased with the objective of allowing more detailed reporting are tasks to be completed. To enable the detailed reporting the following fields have been introduced:




Task age when Trans created

Trans age when status next updated

Trans age when next assigned

Trans age when complete

These new fields will allow the following types of queries to be answered in reporting:

  • Age of task when it becomes complete
  • How long since assigned to “person x” to when task complete
  • How long since assigning to “person x” to when next assignment
  • How long from first assignment to complete
  • How long from first assignment to reassigned
  • How long is each task taking to complete
  • Show me all the tasks where the overall age is more than 5 days

Please click this link to read more information about this new enhancement https://support.intelligentcontract.com/support/solutions/articles/22000259046-task-transactions 

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