New Feature - External Data Reporting

We have now released the capability for ALL the data in your intelligentcontract account to be accessed and reported upon using a 3rd party reporting tool of your choice.  


Any Reporting Tool that has the capability to connect to a cloud based MYSQL database can access and report upon the data in your intelligentcontract account.  


If your reporting needs are complex then the external reporting plug-in can help. In addition to the intelligentcontract regular built-in reporting tool, you can utilise a reporting tool of your choice to build reports and dashboards on all the data in your intelligentcontract account. Your reporting tool should have the capability to connect to a MySQL database. 


This is a premium Plugin which can be added to any intelligentcontract account. There is an upgrade charge applicable. Please contact  to arrange to have this plugin activated for your account 

Further details relating to this Plugin can be found here: 

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