Office365/MS Azure and Google Single Sign On (SSO) Plugin

A new intelligentcontract plugin has been launched today that will make the process of setting up and using Single Sign-on for Intelligentcontract easier.

Once installed, the new plugin allows each user defined within your Intelligentcontract account to login using either their Microsoft Azure/Office 365 login or Google login and not have to remember a separate password for Intelligentcontract.

How to Install the new Plugin

The new Plugin can be accessed as an administrator and can be found on the Plugin page. This plugin is available to all plans.

Click the install button to install the plugin. A 6 Digit code will be provided. This code will be required, for the first login, by each user that logs via this SSO method.

If this plugin is removed at a later date, users that have already logged in at least once, will still be able to login, but no new users will be allowed to login using this method.

Note: It is important that the username of each of your users matches the email address of their office 365/Azure or Google email address. If not, this SSO login method will be denied.

If you need any further information about how to install or use this new Plugin please contact

Please read this article for full details about installation.

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