New Document Management Capabilities (Starting Wednesday 19th May)

From Wednesday 19th May 2021, The brand new Document Management Premium Add-on will be available. For a single annual cost you are able to manage documents within IC in way never before possible.  In summary, the document management add-on provides 3 key capabilities:

Online Document Editing

Access to a browser-based editor capable of editing and saving Microsoft formats. Also includes automatic versioning of documents, restoring previous versions and key file management actions (e.g. email out, rename, replace)

Read more about this new feature here:

Creating Documents online:

Editing Documents online:

Online Collaboration (From July 2021)

Create document collaboration areas that allow multiple people to edit and collaborate on Microsoft format documents. Access to redlining and document commenting.

Document Templates (From June 2021)

Build common document templates using Organization standards (for example, NDAs, Cancellation letters, Sales Orders) and quickly generate new documents based on templates including merged data fields. 

If you would like to trial or a demo of this new premium add-on please contact 

Note: This premium add on is available to add to all team plans and above. All free trial accounts will provide access to this premium add-on

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